In Australia, workplace investigations are conducted religiously. This can impact the working of an organization in the long run .People across the country have understood these days that workplace disputes are a part and parcel of the working of an organization. The larger the organization more is the number of disputes and there exists an increased need of workplace investigations.

When a complaint or report of wrong doing in an organization is received by the concerned people like HR officials, the company officials should take it seriously and act upon it immediately. Depending on the type of allegation, there may be regulations that govern how the complaint is handled and the timeline for its resolution. So it’s important to have in place a procedure for receiving and triaging reports. The concerned parties involved in the dispute should be summoned and the HR or the person associated with it can decide if the dispute can be resolved by counselling the parties, mediation or both. Allegations of harassment or sexual harassment in particular, require sensitive handling and possibly immediate removal of one or both parties to another location. In case the concerned person is not able to solve the dispute amicable, he should bring it to the notice of higher authorities.

These authorities can involve someone trust worthy within the company to resolve the dispute or they can obtain the services of Private investigator Melbourne  who can better handle the process. Some of the private investigators specialize in handling workplace investigations. There are also many firms situated across Melbourne dedicated for the process.

The experienced workplace investigators can advise or undertake careful and comprehensive investigations into bullying, harassment or misconduct, interviewing, taking statements and obtaining documentary and other evidence. They can provide fair and impartial reports which can help in better resolving of disputes within the organization. If workplace investigators are hired from within the company, they may get accused by parties involved in the dispute of being partial or biased. This problem does not arise in the case of external investigators. The independent workplace investigators also provide a detailed report with appropriate evidences which can help the company if there is a legal case.