If you have got an unsightly weed problem in your garden or are you want to get rid of unwanted vegetation growth in your household garden then, weed killer is the best solution. There are different companies producing many weed killers and it comes in lots of different forms so how do you know what to get and are they all same? The answer is of course no. Because there are different chemicals in different weed killers and they are made with same purpose of killing the weeds in different ways, as they are different brands for killing different type of weeds. Based on that they are classified into two types such as selective and non-selective weed killers

If you are very enthusiastic gardener and you are spending much time in making your garden to look beautiful then, you wound have known about the basic difference the selective and non-selective weed killers. If you aren’t a gardener but have a weed problem that needs to be taken care of then, you will be knowing the difference between selective and non-selective weed killers. You should know which weed killer to use in your garden otherwise could seriously damage your garden.

If the weed killer is non-selective, then it will certainly contain chemicals like Glyphosate or similar version of it. This type of weed killer will kill all greeneries that it is sprayed on. This means not only weeds but also any other garden growth such as grass, plants and flowers.

If you want to get rid of few weeds present in your garden then, spraying glyphosate-based weed killer will mean that the ruining the entire garden. When you spray a small amount of glyphosate is likely to kill all greenery it touches so be careful about spillage. If you are spraying it in windy conditions, take care otherwise it can lead to spreading from unwanted growth to plant life that you want to keep. Only spray to the weeds that you want to remove from your garden. Most gardeners use non-selective weed killer, as it is the more powerful than its selective weed killer and is also cheaper. Roundup is best weed killer on the market which is non-selective type of killer.

Selective weed killer does not contain Glyphosate has been developed to just kill weeds and, no other plant life such as grass and flowers. If you have lawn weeds and are worried about using a product that also kills grass then you can use a selective weed killer. But the most commonly used weed killer is non-selective, as it is cheap and more effective in killing weeds.