Playing online games is a great way of entertainment to the users. These games are not restricted to any age or profession. Even old aged people can play these games as a time pass and many people used to play online games for relaxation from external work pressures. The options are many in online games and it has a choice for every individual according to their interest. The user can play his favorite game, enjoy the gaming experiences and for sure it is the best option in terms of entertainment and fun, which suits the users of all ages.

Online games are classified based on platform, technology used, virtual characters involved in the game, based on genre and few other features. According to the reports, most used online games are io Games and the reason for the popularity of these games is the flexibility, easy to understand and easy to access. It has seen success in the field of online games and now it is has created a trend with developers.

Action Games

The games which involves physical challenges such as hand movements, eye movements and reaction time. These games includes activities such as fighting, shooting etc. There is also the combination of action and adventure games, which includes the elements of both action and adventure, and it is one of the most popular form of online games.

Casual Games

These kind of online games include puzzles, trivia games, board games etc., and they are related to brain activities. It doesn’t require any gaming skills; little intelligence is enough for the players.

Role-Playing Games

In this type, it requires user interaction in terms of text. In case of multi-players, virtual players plays different roles of the game. It requires number of players and internet connection for best gaming experiences.

Sport Games

The sports like cricket, soccer, football, races can be played over online as well. Many number of users who are crazy about these games, used to play very often. These games allows testing of accuracy of players in the respective game. The experiences of these games are really competitive as real games.

Strategic Games

The games like puzzles need more time to complete the games. These games involve thinking skills, planning and abilities of decision making to win the puzzle. These strategic games are available for kids as well.

Many of these online games are available for free and the only requirement is the internet access.