Trivia games are one of the most played board games and since the quiz is also available in online, countless number of people are purchasing the application to improve their knowledge in various subjects of their interest. The more participation of the people in these games are making these games popular. Many people have a question, is it possible to improve the trivia skills through a regular participation? Of course, yes. The continuous practice of trivia games will help the people to improve the reaction time of responding to trivia questions, which is a major factor in trivia games.

As we normally prepare for any game before the participation, for playing trivia quiz also need some kind of brain exercises and certain kind of preparation like a habit of reading daily newspaper, magazines, watching the global news can improve your knowledge. The good cognitive power is very much important for winning a trivia game. There are several ways to improve the cognitive health and trivia can be the best way to achieve. The reasons are many like,

Stretching of brain muscles– when the question is asked in trivia quiz, the player takes time to recall the information about the topic and it results in stretching of brain muscles and it is also a kind of brain exercise.

Gives a cross training to brain– Trivia quiz is not based only on single concept. While answering the questions we need to recall multiple subjects. Because the question may be on sports trivia, mathematical trivia, history trivia or it could be any subject. We need to use our brain for recollecting the information on various concept and it is like cross training our brain. There is a requirement of creative thinking and logical thinking for participation in trivia quiz. The combination of knowledge on multiple concepts and various thinking abilities will result in better cognitive power.

Trains the brain to work under pressure– For a question being asked, we have to answer in a few seconds or minutes, and it needs imposing of pressure on our brain to work faster under time constraints. Training our brains to work under pressure will help the people to face other critical situations of work pressure or any other kind in future.

Relieves stress– Many of us are living hectic life with lot of work pressure which is leading to mental stress. For such individuals, playing trivia games may assure some kind of relaxation to mind and reduces the stress level.

Likewise, playing trivia games has many mental health benefits which results in improving the Brain performance.