Some might consider it to be an easy task but what makes is tough is the time in getting results. You need to reassure yourself again and again that yes, you are on right track and results would certainly be seen in few months.

Bodybuilding is quite tough and takes time as well as effort. It needs determination and dedication and includes only 3 steps.

  1. Weightlifting, workout routines, programs, actual exercises that allow best workout for your body. There are so many exercises/ machines for various muscle groups, but great results can be achieved with compound movements, exercises where body uses more muscles. (Bicep curl is an isolation exercise as your body only uses biceps. Bench press requires use of chest, triceps as well as shoulders and is thus compound movement). Other most effective exercises that must be included in your workout routine include Squats, Bench Press, Deadlifts and Military Press. Bench press is main exercise of chest, squats of legs, deadlifts is of back and military press is of shoulders. Dumbbell flyes (chest), leg extensions (legs), lat pulldowns (back) & lateral raises (shoulders) are some other fine exercises that help in muscle building.
  2. Diet is equally important as actual weightlifting because you must eat big in order to lift big and to get big. Diet basic is to eat at least 1-gram protein for every bodyweight pound every day. Protein is a muscle building block and if you are not able to get that amount from real food, you must use whey protein supplements (powder/ bars etc). It is also important that saturated fat intake must be very less so that you don’t get fat. Avoid junk food including cookies/ candy/ cake/ sugar/ soda/ fast food/ fried food etc. but do eat enough calories. Appropriate nutrition decides your success rate in bodybuilding schedule. Diet must be planned in such a way that you gain muscles without gaining weight. You also need to understand that supplements alone cannot do any wonders, but they can certainly enhance and thus contribute to muscle building

Diet must contain food items with all nutrient categories. Consumption of lean meat/ fish/ eggs/ milk/ nuts can supply protein and brown rice/ potatoes/ wholemeal bread/ fresh fruits/ vegetables are best bet for carbohydrates. White-flour products may rebound your efforts, so you better avoid them.

  1. Everything else includes overtraining as well as giving body sufficient time for rest & recovery. You must not be overtraining as it is equally bad as no training. Motivation & dedication is very important in order to maintain consistency.

Do not expect easy and fast results. An hour of workout with carefully planned diet full of nutrition ensures good physique and would help you in muscle building.