Some kids are going to grow up with very particular diets, only enjoying a few types of foods. And this is primarily caused by parents who allowed their children to remain picky eaters for the majority of their lives. There can be health risks associated with picky eating, so you should definitely try to mix and match the foods your child is eating.

One of the best ways to cure picky eating is to set up a regular eating schedule. Having regular meal times, cutting out all those snacks and other garbage, will make it more likely that your child will eat what’s on his or her plate.

You can increase the options your child has available and this may help with the picky eating situation. For example, if you want your child to eat his or her fruits or veggies, offer more options of these items to see which ones your children actually like. Maybe they don’t eat broccoli because they think it’s nasty, whereas they will devour green beans.

You cannot force-feed a child and expect that to solve the picky eating situation. Your child may tell you that he or she isn’t hungry. Well, you have to believe them here. If you’re trying to make them eat when they’re not hungry, you’re going to notice a lot of “picking,” so it might be you who’s causing it.

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Allow your child to help you prepare the food. There’s something magical about putting in the labor to cook. It makes anyone more likely to taste their own creation. This could definitely help to add a few more items to your child’s diet.

Today’s grocery stores are overflowing with thousands of varieties of items. Take your kid with you to the store and allow them to see the wide array of food there. In all that mess, they’re bound to find something that they want to try. You can make suggestions to them along the way.

You should be working in order to make eating something that’s fun. Bland, boring food can grow old in a hurry. No kid wants that same old plate of meatloaf three times a week. Make sure you’re putting some excitement in the meals and make sure that you’re mixing things up to keep it interesting.

For kids, almost every type of food that isn’t coated in sugar will be an acquired taste. Yes, it was the same for you. You probably didn’t like corn relish or Brussels sprouts the first time you had these items either. So have a little patience. Give it some time and your kid may grow to like it.

Eating with the TV on is just a distraction. If your kid become preoccupied with television while trying to eat, they will gobble up the stuff they like in a hurry while ignoring whatever else is on the plate.

That after-school snack is a staple in millions of households across the country, but you shouldn’t be giving out snacks too close to meal time. Make sure that you’re at least two hours removed from a meal if you want to give a snack.

Picky eating is fortunately just a matter of taste and isn’t a sign of a larger issue. So if you’re patient and are willing to mix things up a bit, you can turn the pickiest eater out there into a gourmet sampler.