Intelligence quotient is represented as a score that is obtained by several standard intelligence tests. IQ is an acronym of Intelligence quotient. At first, IQ was introduced to determine the children intelligence ability so that they can be provided with additional help in school activities. But today, the IQ tests are used to check how smart a person is.

An IQ test will not measure all sort of intelligence. Basically, IQ test will measure mathematical and spatial reasoning, language understanding and logical ability to solve the mental problems. A person who is learning English as a second language may score less in the language aspects of test and thus it cannot be considered as an adequate measurement of intelligence. Furthermore, IQ tests will not measure few aspects like wisdom, life experiences or personal qualities.

Some factors will negatively impact on a person’s IQ. These will include attributes like malnutrition among kids, fetal alcohol syndrome and mental addiction. Mental retardation like Alzheimer will cause the negative effect on IQ scores. IQ can also be impacted by the lack of inappropriate education. If all these inconsistencies are corrected, then IQ scores can be increased normally.

The best way to improve the IQ is by following the healthy diet. A healthy diet will ensure you to enhance the functioning of brain and therefore increasing IQ. Intake foods which are rich in protein, as it has the ability to increase the brains production of various hormones that helps to improve the alertness and problem solving skills. Dark chocolate is a powerhouse for antioxidants, this will helps to ensure our bodies will stay strong and healthy.

Consider taking health supplements. There are many health supplements available in the medicine world, these health supplements are often known as “smart drugs”. If you are confused which health supplement to take then noocube reviews will help you to choose the right supplement for you. Vitamin B is a little nutrient that increases the blood flow to the brain. Vitamin B is found densely in green leafy vegetables, eggs, cheese and whole wheat. Many research have shown that healthy diet is directly linked to a higher IQ, so avoid the intake of unprocessed foods like chips and cookies.