Not all the sewing machines are designed with same features and it varies according to the requirement of sewing of fabrics. It is better to understand the concept of all varieties of sewing machines and it is important to remember the features while selecting the one for usage. So, now let us understand the concept of heavy duty sewing machine and its usage for specific fabrics and materials.

If we use the basic sewing machine for stitching the heavy fabrics, it ruins the functionalities of regular sewing machine. In heavy duty sewing machine, the functions are same as sewing the buttons and zippers, but it is designed to handle the heavy fabrics and thick materials. To sew the heavy products like bags, outdoor tents, Jeans, Leather products like sofa cushions and many more. Since it is not possible to handle these products by the regular sewing machine, might be because of small needles or the design of machine itself may not support for heavy fabrics. If you try sewing heavy fabrics in basic machine, it results in breakage of machine parts.

In terms of speed, heavy duty machine is good and while handling the thick materials, it is possible to make 1000 stiches in a minute. These machines are easy to operate at high speed and it has an option of auto- needle threading and an additional petal for the adjustment of stitching speed. Because of all these features, it is used by the sewers to stich denims and other heavy fabrics.

We should never compromise on brand, if we are searching for best sewing machine for leather or other heavy fabrics. The best sewing machine may cost you more, but you cannot find any compromises on quality of stiches and durability. Before proceeding to the purchase, just make sure it has all the necessary accessories, because in many cases the sewing machines are equipped with additional accessories which are required for one or the other purposes of sewing.

I would like to recommend the option of online, where you can find number of websites selling branded sewing machines. Advantage of using online is, they offer some discount prices on purchase. We can easily search for the best heavy duty sewing machine which matches all our needs for the price below $300. So, you can choose the one which provides all the features of best sewing machine.