Process Automation

Many repetitive processes exist in our day to day life. Examples for these may include notifying users about the achievement of certain milestones in a company, progression of records through various stages, getting approvals for some specific actions etc. These actions can be automated using Salesforce easily which can reduce the number of workers and help companies in making profits. Salesforce business process automation can also help in reducing errors by means of using Salesforce customization technique

Salesforce Business Process Automation

Salesforce has emerged as the top CRM based software in the past year. It provides many tools to automate these simple processes. The attractive feature of salesforce is that it is entirely cloud based. Let us have a look at some of tools that can aid in Salesforce business process automation

1. Workflows – Workflows are simple salesforce tools that can enable users to automate processes that are based on simple if/then statements, which translates into the fact that if certain conditions are met, then the actions will be performed. The actions related to salesforce business process automation that can be commonly performed using workflow are email alert, field update, create task and outbound message key considerations. Process builder tool can be also used to automate the basic processes

2. Lightning Process Builder – Lightning process builder or simply a process builder is used in salesforce business process automation to automate multiple if or then statements. The tool provides an easy to use UI to build processes and also provides a graphical representation of the process that is carried out to understand things better. Process builder is used to perform automation processes such as email alert, post to chatter, launch a flow, quick action, submit for approval and update records.

3. Visual Workflow – The Visual workflow or simple workflow tools enable us to automate complex business processes and also those processes which require information from end users and one has to proceed further based on the information provided. This tool is also used to delete records through flows. A major point to consider while using this tool in Salesforce business process automation is that flows do not initiate on their own depending on changes in a record but they have to be called using processs builder, visual force page or APEX.

4. Approval process – This tool helps in automating the approvals needed for numerous day to day processes using salesforce business process automation