When the coffee bean is roasted it changes its physical and chemical property from green coffee bean to into roasted coffee bean. The roasting process changes the flavor and taste of coffee beans. The aroma of the coffee that is so distinctive is obtained only when roasted properly with the right temperature. Understanding the roasting process broadens your horizon for the art and the science that goes into pouring the perfect cup of coffee.

Giving a fresh roasted coffee a try for yourself will give you the reason why to select a roasted coffee over ground coffee. Here are some of the unique benefits of roasted coffee beans.

Enhanced Aroma

The coffee is always concerned with the aroma. When the coffee bean is roasted it doesn’t smell like a cup of coffee, instead they smell like rich earth aroma carried from the coffee beans itself. If the bean you buy smell like a standard coffee, then there is a high chance that they weren’t roasted in a proper way.

Health Benefits

Regular coffee consumption can do wonders for most of the people from cancer prevention to weight loss. However, to get the maximum benefit from a cup of coffee the beans need to be fresh and roasted in the right manner. Fresher the coffee bigger the benefit.

Quality over quantity

Roasting the coffee bean needs skills, dedication and commitment to quality. Specialty coffee is a process that focuses on the quality of each and every package produced and sold, rather than usual focus on quantity. These specialty roasted coffee beans are readily available at www.linlin.in.th which is generally from Thailand, which is also famous for the coffee.

Pure flavor

The compounds that give coffee its unique flavor will start breaking down when it is roasted overly. Which means that the closer to the point of roasting, the coffee will have rich intensive flavor.

There are several mistakes which can be avoided while roasting the coffee beans which affects the aroma and flavor of coffee such as temperature issues, too many coffee beans to roast at a time, failing to keep coffee bean moving now and then during roasting process, inaccurate timing it just takes seconds to burn the coffee bean when it is not looked out properly.