Digital pianos have come a long way and are now the best alternative to acoustic pianos. They are cheaper and can fit into most spaces making them the best alternative to acoustic pianos. Also they do not require a lot of maintenance when compared to an acoustic piano. Yamaha Corporation is in the business of piano manufacture since the year 1887.It has now become one of the most recognized brands of piano makers in the world. They are quite popular and are unmatched in quality.

Yamaha’s digital pianos are quite highly regarded for their sound quality. Nowadays the pianos of Yamaha make use of the Pure CF sound engine and this engine has sound samples taken from CFIIIS 9 –foot concert grand piano. Yamaha also makes use of the graded hammer technology in its pianos. In keyboards with this technology, the keys copy the touch response of an acoustic piano with heavier action on lower keys and lighter action on higher keys.

The Yamaha pianos comprise of three types of graded hammer action technologies

Graded Hammer Standard is a type of action that is well suited for beginners and it provides a weighted effect. Graded Hammer Effect is in turn suited for intermediate and advanced level players who are into playing some of the more complicated music pieces. Pianos with Graded Hammer Effect 3 comprise of a shorter swing back time which helps in mimicking a high quality acoustic piano. Some of the top digital pianos currently available in the market are

Yamaha P-115 – This 88 key keyboard is one of the best sellers in the market these days. It is very much user friendly and has a sleek and compact design.

Yamaha DGX660 – This piano has the same features as the P115 piano. It comprises of a 88 key keyboard ,GHS weighted action and has a pure CF sound engine.