Spying on someone can never be easy till now. You can keep track the activities of your loved ones or workers even without following them with the help of the cell phone. Spy on cell phones are readily available online. You just have to download it on the mobile phone of the person whom you want to spy.

Many are asking, mobile spy free? How is it possible? With recent technology from netspy, everything is possible. This had been used to locate missing persons, caught cheating partner and even back stabbing employees.

All conversations such as text messages and calls are all monitored and recorded. The date, time and place where the text or call was made are all in data. With this, it helped a lot in finding missing people by tracking all the conversations like whom he last send the text or called and vice versa. The number of the caller as well as time and location are also recorded. All the information you need will be accessed easily in just a click of a mouse every where as long as there is an internet connection. All the data are being transferred to a site where you purchased and downloaded your spy software.

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