GW501516 popularly known as Cardarine is a chemical that binds and activates the peroxisome proliferator activator receptor data. This PPAR acts as a transcription factor which is nothing but a protein which increases the expression of many genes. This activation causes an improvement in cardiovascular health, metabolism, and it also works as an anti inflammatory agent. Some of the prominent health benefits of GW501516 are

It has been found that cardarine protects the brain in animals. The chemical protects the brain vessels when these vessels are under oxidative stress. The activation of PPAR by GW501516 could result in the development of nerve cells. It also prevents blood vessel dysfunction in brain cells. The compound prevents oxidative damage in the heart. It reduces the risk and severity of atherosclerosis with the help of many mechanisms. The compound is found to increase the levels of nitric oxide which in turn protects the heart against atherosclerosis. The supplement is also found to be effective in reducing the lesions and inflammation that are a result of atherosclerosis in mice. It also causes cell and blood vessel formation by increasing the VEGF production from human blood vessel cells. Cardarine is also found to cause a decrease in the amounts of triglycerides and an increase in the level of HDL cholesterol in animals. This aspect is quite beneficial in decreasing the risk of cardiovascular disease in certain patients.

GW501516 activates PPAR which in turn can increase the breakdown of fatty acids by increasing the usage of energy in muscles. This in turn is quite efficient in treating and curing obesity. PPAR activates the expression of a number of genes which is also helpful in reducing the levels of bad cholesterol and increasing the energy expenditure in the human body. It is an effective treatment to protect against weight gain due to diet.