Melbourne is a beautiful city with a green cover everywhere. People in this city give more importance to outdoor landscapes. The property prices in this city are also dependent on landscape gardening or architecture. This is also one of the reasons why garden design Melbourne has gained prominence these days. The city is also home to beautiful landscaped parks and there is a growing demand for more landscape designers like Landscaping Mates in the city. Gardens in a property not only enhance the beauty of the place but can also create the ambience required for relaxation.

Some of the tips that can come in handy for garden design Melbourne are

Symmetry and structure are key points to consider for garden design Melbourne. Try to keep flower beds simple and in straight lines. This type of structuring will also look good during the winter months. Hence it is a good idea to follow this structure especially for the front garden. Try to carve out a clean straight path in the midst of the garden that can lead to the main door. If the path is curved, people often end up getting confused and may trample on the flower beds. Some of them also in indulge in placing big pots on either side of the main door for this purpose. It can signal the entrance to the door.

Plants with a greater height should be grown in between the windows. Small plants should be placed in front of them. In this way, you can accentuate the architecture of the house. This pace of planting smaller and bigger plants can be used at both the sides of the road also. A well laid out front garden can increase the rate of the property in the long term even if you are not planning on selling it now

Pots look nice in the front garden of any property. They can be used to accommodate numerous flowering plants which can be changed according to seasons. Battery operated warm fairy lights can add to the appeal of a garden especially in the cold winter months. Use evergreen trees to create borders.They look great in all seasons and do not require even watering also. Even though, they do not provide flowers, the greenery makes it worth planting

As far as possible avoid front front gardens and stick to gravelling the piece of land instead. This will be much easier to maintain.Have a garden in the backyard where you can grow any types of tropical plants to enhance the look.Also keep in mind the rules of the road while planting front gardens.