In the world of stress and boredom, there is no other key but to open the gates of entertainment. If you are old, make sure you resign your post of being an adult. Games are not only meant for kids, but the rule is you need to have kiddy attitude when playing. You want to know the reason? Simply because you will not be able to enjoy it! Drop your papers and turn on your gadgets! Games let you escape from your responsibility while making money once in a while. That is why you have to maximize your free time (whether break, holidays, or weekends) and stop nagging like an old brat. Now this is some of the newest  games that you may want to try out:

Angry Birds

Did you read the book of Lord of the Rings? Now try to catch up the story, have you find out the main theme of the story? Yes, it is a battle between good and evil. In angry birds, you will play both as a menace and an angel that will seek revenge on your roasted and abducted eggs. In our archetypes, we always thought that pigs are the cutest and loveable animal existing in our planet. It is true; however, you will not play the role of dressing animals. The pigs, in this game, are the culprit and your role is to get your eggs back to you. The game will teach you how to claim your important asset as well as being versatile

In playing this game, you are given birds that have specific abilities. The birds will be your weapon and their effectiveness depends on how you manipulate your hitting angles. There are birds that look like a poaching red ball that roll like a stone.  There are also birds that can be multiplied when launched and others also have ability to explode an area. The trick in this game is you have to hit the proper spot that will destroy the wall and eventually hit the pigs. The game becomes hard as you progress the story. In other chapters, you will be only allowed to use one to four birds (different abilities) to destroy you evil piggy targets. Moreover, the pigs are getting geared up like some wear helmet and crown for their protection. If you studied well in your physics class, you will benefit in estimating your shots.  This is one of the finest and challenging games to play when bored. Angry birds never fail to make you entertained! There are rewards that will be given to you depending in your performance. Turn on your sounds and enjoy the evil laugh of the pigs! Never say never, make sure to use your birds wisely and smash the barriers strategically!

Plants vs Zombies

Tired of using the herb in resident evil? Or are you bored running away from classical zombies? Plants Vs Zombies will help you suit your boredom as this game unravels your tactician blood in wiping away nasty creatures in your garden. The game is easy to play. You will start with plants that give you sunlight (source of money) and afterwards, if you gain some sunlight points, you can start your defense by planting your shooters. The trick in the game is to plant as many as sunflower for you to acquire points. Don’t forget to boost your defense by planting faster. There are plants that shoot several peas that can easily wipe away zombies! If you learn to plant faster and to use the plants properly, you can unlock the mini-game that will help you gain some points! Unlike in other games, plants vs zombies have survival challenge that will test your courage in defeating different weak and strong zombies. If you enjoy stuffs that make you as a strategist and protector of your house, plants vs zombies is definitely the best game to play when bored!

Angry birds and Plants Vs Zombies have rewards system that can maintain the enthusiasm of the players. It can be played easily on Google chrome or on yahoo. Gamers can also play this game by downloading it in their cell phone.