Technology freaks are facing a tough challenge of choosing between the two smart watches Fitbit Blaze and the Apple Watch. While both are almost similar one of them tends to have more features that are very much essential for fitness enthusiasts while the other concentrates more on the apps and mostly functions like a smart phone.

Even though Apple has its loyal followers,Fitbit Blaze has influenced many people to own it due to its Apple like features. However, the makers of Fitbit refuse to accept that it is a smart watch and are happy to call it as a fitness watch.

Fitbit Blaze

Blaze is one of the best devices that Fitbit has come up with. But people are of the opinion that it is not good looking. For starters,it has an elastic plastic band in place of a strap. It has now introduced bands in various colors and also metal and leather straps. But they come at a price and many people are not ready to invest in it. It has an LCD screen display followed by a Gorilla Glass 3 coating to give it the much needed safety.

You can choose to navigate through the watch screen using one of the physical buttons. Those looking for a water proof option,can opt for the Fitbit Blaze. It is designed to work even at a depth of 50 meters under water. As a result one can safely use it even when it rains. The fitness tracking features in Fitbit Blaze are mind blowing. It can track a person’s sleep schedules,active time in a day and also the floors climbed giving the wearer a perfect record of his activity schedule in a day.

Apple watch

The Apple watch definitely gets full marks in the looks area. It gives customers the option to choose between sizes of 38 mm and 42mm.One can also opt for colors such as silver,gold,rose gold or space gray aluminum. It has a special watch for fashion freaks and an Apple Watch Nike + edition as well. The screen of Apple is far better as it employs the OLED technology. It does not have any physical buttons and makes use of the touch screen technology. While the blaze can track all your activities and count your every step,Apple lags behind in tracking fitness related activities.

But the Apple watch allows you to make and receive calls,receive important updates like mails and messages. It even gives you instant notifications. It allows you to install various fitness related apps as well. While it is difficult to make a choice between the two,it is easier to say that, if you are a fitness enthusiast,go for the Blaze otherwise,Apple is definitely going to win hands down.