Human beings are afraid of aging. Even when we know too well that we will eventually age and die, we want to look for methods of ensuring we live longer. To ensure we look younger, many of us are investing in expensive anti wrinkle supplements. Consequently, you will encounter friends and people you know who look younger than you expect. This will happen on one day. On the day the person will forget to put on make-up and apply creams, you will confuse them for their older relatives.

Dealing with symptoms

What these people are doing is dealing with the visible manifestations of ageing. That is why when they fail to apply the creams, their faces appear older. The problem with this is that the ageing process is internal. It stems from our genes as well as out diet, disposition and physical activity. In essence no amount of creams and supplements can make you younger because they do not address the real reason for the process.

The proven way of reversing ageing

One way of establishing why we live short lives is to ask why our ancestors lived longer. It is a fact that these people were active and spent a lot of time hunting and gathering. They did not have the luxuries we have today. Everything came to them through manual effort. This implies that their bodies were working normally and enjoyed good health. The blood in their bodies was always rejuvenated and well-aerated. Contrast that with our current lives in which everything is found in close proximity. Our lives are sedentary unless we live in the countryside or we are engaged in some forms of exercises.

Our ancestors also ate fresh food. These included nuts, fruits, vegetables and roots. They hunted animals and ate fresh meat. This enabled them to live longer since they had all the nutrients they needed and fiber to help in the digestion process. They also ate their food at the source and did not have the luxury of refrigeration. The air was less polluted than our own and thus rejuvenating to the blood and entire body. Nothing like that can be said of our lives today. We eat processed foods and unbalanced diets from birth to death.

This combination of diet, exercise and a clean environment made these people live longer. They did not have to apply chemicals to their bodies to live longer. That is what experts are advising us today. We need to eat well, be active and have healthy dispositions if we are to live longer. Unless we do this wrinkles will forever invade our faces.

A modern solution

We are lucky that some weight loss experts have come up with programs that take us closer to what our ancestors had. One such fat loss plan is Old School New Body review program. In the process of coming up with this program Steve and Becky Holman realized that due to poor eating and exercising habits, people were getting aged faster. The two weight loss experts also realized that there were many fallacies in conventional weight loss plans which were making people age faster.

Eradicating the wrinkles naturally

The Old School New Body program is created for the person who wants to eradicate wrinkles naturally through healthful living. It is meant to reverse aging by about ten years. If you want to look ten years younger than you actually are, simply buy the Old School New Body program Book today. Forget about expensive anti-wrinkle supplements! Grab your copy of Old School New Body program and look younger for longer!