Vacuum cleaners are nowadays used invariably in homes, offices, hospitals and even industries. Specialized vacuum cleaners are available for industries which are quite sturdy and are suitable for cleaning hazardous substances. Even for household use, there are numerous types available in the market. People should choose a vacuum cleaner based on factors like the size of their house, carpet thickness etc. One should also choose vacuum cleaners based on their budget, and the number of pets or children that they have.

Comparison of vacuum cleaners

Also it is difficult to find all the relevant information necessary to buy the vacuum cleaner by scouring the internet alone. Some of the cleaners available are

Upright vacuum cleaners – Upright vacuum cleaners are often the best choice for homes and offices as they are easy to use and control. They do not need much storage space and are very good in cleaning carpets as they have brushes designed especially for the purpose. They have powerful suction systems which are effective in sucking away the minute dust particles and pet hairs which can be quite a mess otherwise

Cylinder vacuum cleaners – Cylindrical vacuum cleaners are cheaper and economical compared to upright vacuum cleaners. They are also light in weight and occupy less space. They are well suited for cleaning small places, stairs and upholstery. Some of them have attachments which can be used to clean hard to reach places at homes or offices.

Bag or Bagless vacuum cleaners – While bags were initially used in vacuum cleaners, they are now replaced by the washable plastic containers. Vacuum cleaners with bags are good for people suffering from various allergies as the bag with the dust located in the central compartment of the device can be easily disposed without any incidences of spilling the contents on the floor while removing or replacing.

Bagless vacuum cleaners are not expensive and one can see if the container is filled up from outside the device. If it is full, one has to just remove the container or canister and clean the same. It is easier to maintain unlike the vacuum cleaner with bags. But this type is considered messy as the contents may spill out sometimes.

Some of the best vacuum cleaners that are currently in demand are

Dyson cinetic “Big ball “upright vacuum cleaner – The machine is completely sealed and does not have containers or bags and hence can be called as the best choice for people suffering from allergies.

Numatic Henry eco vacuum cleaner – This is one of the most used vacuum cleaners. This device is ecofriendly and is also packed with features like Triflex filtration system, a good motor and a rewindable cable which saves space.