The best coffee grinders are those that have a slow grinding action, keep the beans cold while crushing them to the right size depending on the method of preparation and they also ensure that the aroma of coffee is preserved in the process. While blenders make use of blades, grinders make use of gears and grinding wheels. Some of the best coffee grinders with hopper are

Bodum Bistro Electric coffee grinder – Bodum Bistro is a stainless steel burr coffee grinder. This grinder being a burr one crushes the beans into pieces instead of slicing them. It has a timer and adjustable grind settings. Hence it is definitely the grinder that is sui6table for serious coffee lovers. You just have to turn on the upper bean container or bean hopper and there are 12 grind settings to choose from. You just have to move the marker from coarse to fine depending on your preference of the brewing method. This is grinder is also easy to use and clean. You just have to lift up the bean hopper, empty the beans and then brush out the grounds that are left behind. It has a catcher made of borosilicate glass and this in turn keeps the beans fresh for a longer time.

Dualit Coffee grinder – This slow grinding conical coffee grinder is slower than most of the grinders found in the market. Even though it looks exceedingly huge it is quite great for household purposes. It is a slow grinder which in turn minimises the clogging effect of oily or flavoured beans. It spins slowly and produces less heat enabling you to grind at the right temperature. The hopper can hold up to 250 grams or 35 portions of coffee beans. Hence you no longer have to worry about refilling the bean hopper often.