Digital picture frames are these days being manufactured by multiple manufacturers. Each of these devices is unique and has a separate set of features. These digital picture frames are in huge demand owing to the fact that it can store thousands of photos and play them all in the form of a slide show. They are very good options for reviving past memories and reliving one’s life through these memories. They are light on the pocket and are suitable for people of all ages. They can play audio and video clips. They can be converted into a monitor and have numerous functions. When the first digital picture frame was invented it was very costly and people mainly had to use it to view photos. Also they had to operate it manually. Hence these frames were considered to be items of luxury and only a small fraction of the society was interested to buy it.

Over time, the quality of these digital picture frames has drastically improved. Also many manufacturers like EOOKE are producing this fabulous device to cater to the growing needs in the market. They can play audio clips while displaying photos, one can watch videos or movies etc. with these frames. The frames these days also have huge memory due to which one can store thousands of photos. They are compatible with most of the USB devices and hence it has become easier to transfer pictures. Additionally they also come with motion sensors and remote control which makes it easier for people to access them. They have also emerged as the most sought after gift options these days.

Initially digital picture frames came with power cords which had to be plugged in every time a user makes use of these frames. This was a major drawback as it used to consume a lot of power and alternatively one could view the pictures in the form of a slide show using computers or laptops itself. Hence digital picture frames were considered best only by people who did not have access to computers or those who were technologically challenged. But later on, many digital frame manufacturers brought out models that could be operated using rechargeable batteries. Even though the charge of these batteries last for a very short time sometimes just a couple of hours, many people choose to buy and use them.

Some digital picture frames are so designed that one can operate them using power cords and also with rechargeable batteries. This is one of the preferred choices. One can carry battery operated digital picture frames when they go to a new place where there is no provision of power supply. These battery operated digital picture frames are helpful during transportation; they charge easily and do not cost more than the ones using power cord. Many reputed manufacturers like Kodak have brought out digital picture frame models that run on batteries. These frames are available for sale in most of the countries of the world. Some of the digital frames also support a wifi connection in that, one can share or receive images using the device.