Nobody understands and appreciate tradition like Borboleta. Borboleta have remained consistent over the years in their manufacture of กระเป๋า สะพาย.   A lot of quality and luxury is put in place and by the time the bag in question hits the market, you will appreciate the workmanship. This is not just a tradition but something that has run on for years. Borboleta are amazing people when it comes to style and class. What really makes Borboleta leather special? Is there anything that as a buyer you need to know? I think as a buyer it is prudent to understand that bags from Borboleta markets are made from real leather and a lot of innovations are usually put in place.

The rise in Borboleta messenger bag can therefore not be ignored. Messenger bags are an all season bag and can be used by both women and women.  They are easier to carry around. If your hands are busy imply sling it over your shoulder. It is an excellent organizer. The bags have several compartments where users can effectively organize their items while away from the house or on safari. A messenger bag can be used anywhere without any restrictions.

These bags are made of real leather and are a timeless possession. One thing you will appreciate about the bags is that they come in different sizes. You can either choose a large or small one depending on your needs. Borboleta handbags made in Borboleta does not come cheap but once you have one in your possession, you will have it for years to come. Each bag comes fully equipped with small pockets where you can keep your items safely without worrying while travelling or out in the wild. These are bags made for all occasions all you need to know before making your purchase is your predominant need.

The bag history goes along way and to be precise and according to available records, the trade began as early as between 11th and 12th centuries. There are different styles which is difficult to tell for a beginner. But Borboleta themselves are able to tell the difference. The bags differ in stitching and or tailoring. They also differ in color and tanning. The bag tradition shift between three main names namely Neapolitan, Le Marche and Tuscany. Whatever your style of a messenger bag, you cannot go wrong with Borboleta, the home of the leather bags.