Every parent strives hard to ensure that their child has a very good brain development. Toys have been found to play a crucial role in the brain development of children. There are many toys in the market that promise brain development in young children. For parents, choosing the right one is a daunting task. Through this childrens toys reviews guide, parents can know about the toys that aid in brain development and these toys also improve the cognitive skills of the kids. The game play enables children to make use of their creativity to the fullest and it also improves their imaginative, physical as well as motor skills. Some of the brain boosting toys available in the market are

Leapfrog Leapstart – This is one of the brain development toys currently available in the market which people are using to improve upon skills ranging from reading to problem solving. The toy is designed to grow along with the child. Hence it is suitable for kids in the age group of two to seven years. Children can make use of the stylus to read and trigger the audio which in turn works by going through the invisible dots on the page. Through this model, the makers of the device intend to teach kids some of the basics like phonics, counting, animals etc.

Primo Toys Cubetto Coding Toy – Currently many parents are inherent on teaching their children coding. A large number of toys, apps and games are available in the market to encourage kids to learn coding. Cubetto is a toy that intends to teach kids coding in a playful and age appropriate manner. This device is made for children above the age of three years.

ELC Little senses lights and sounds shape sorter – Shape sorters are designed to promote hand to eye coordination and problem solving skills among kids. The game comprises of a variety of shapes which are easy to grip and makes several noises as well.