Often people are of the assumption that cheap skateboards are not durable or they are made of inferior quality materials .But it is not always true .Some cheap and very good quality skateboards are available in the laderaskateboards.com, both offline and otherwise. But one should check if it meets all the requirements of a good skateboard. Another factor to consider is that, these low budget skating boards are not suitable for professional skaters or for those who wish to do multiple tricks. They however are good for casual skaters, kids and beginners.

The board should not be very cheap as well because it may break in the middle of skating which may cause accidents or prove dangerous in some cases. Some of the cheap and good skateboards available in the market are

Blank Skateboard Decks – These skateboards are usually manufactured in bulk in countries like China and are exported everywhere. While choosing such a skateboard one should check the manufacturer, his history in the industry and the parts. These boards are colourless and one cannot obtain any details about the manufacturer. If it is made of low quality materials they can breakdown in the middle of a game and cause distress. Some brands like the TGM skateboards are available in the market since many years and are quite affordable and durable as well.

Golden dragon Complete Skate boards- Golden Dragon skateboards offer the best value for money. They are loaded with attractive graphics and have trucks, wheels, gripe tape etc. in place. But one should look for real ones and not get attracted by the fake boards available in the market.

World Industries Complete Skateboards – World industries is a pioneer in the manufacture of skateboards. They are very much trustworthy and are pretty good. They were previously involved in making adult skateboards, but now the company has made a foray into the kids’ segment also. It is very good for beginners.

Positiv Complete Skateboards – Positiv skateboards are on a mission to make skateboards available for people in every level. That is, the amateurs or beginners, professionals and even casual skaters. Positiv skateboards are cheap and trustworthy as they are manufactured by Skate One, which is there in the business since many decades.

Shop Skateboards – Some retail shops sell the skateboards that are manufactured in house in their shop. Some of these are reliable while others manufacture it with poor quality materials just for the sake of money. One should never buy these online and go and purchase from the shop instead. They are cheap and good for beginners.