Indonesia, undoubtedly one of the most fascinating tourist spot in southeast Asia. This island nation comprise about 17,000 islands spreading over its two million square kilometers of area. Water laps at white pristine beaches and volcanic mountains found in misty rainforest will attract large number of travelers. An island enclave of Indonesia is too vast to visit all at once.

Indonesia’s culture is diverse as its geography, the majority population is muslim and it is also studded with ancient hindu temples and there are six minority religions. The rich Indonesian culture is perfect to allure the sights of island paradise. You could spend years together in Indonesia and barely see only few places, here is a list of places you should not miss when you are backpacking for Indonesia for only few days.

Bali: Bali is Indonesia’s top travel destination, the trip will start from a crass commercialism in Kuta to pleasant and authentic islands. Kuta is a best place to get drinks in cheap price, the place is mixed with hotels, spas, shops and a whole lot more. Ubud is the cultural hub of Bali and it is full of vegan cafes, yoga retreats and lush green rice farms. Visit the famous temples, enjoy traditional dance and explore monkey forest. The popular dive site in Bali will offer you to explore incredible water world, to know more about other activities in Bali visit

Java: Java is a heart of nation and it is complex island filled with numerous population. Except the atmosphere, java is very different from rest of the region in Indonesia. Jakarta is most congested place, it is a home to Borobodur, largest Buddhist temple in the world. You can see an active volcano – mount Bromo, try to visit all the tourist places early in the morning to escape from crowds.

Lombok: Situated right next door from Bali, the main attraction of Lombok is mount Rinjani, a volcano that you can hike. Various waterfalls, villages around this islands are worth visiting. Gili islands is a group of three islands that have been favorite for Indonesian backpackers.

Borneo: It is a home to vast stretches of untouched rainforest. If you love adventures then you can hike into the lush green forest to see ton of incredible wildlife including various species of tropical birds and animals like monkey’s and crocodiles.

Sulawesi: This place is teemed with the waters and coral reefs, Sulawesi’s interior is completely mounted and cloaked in dense jungle. The region is divided into North, South and central Sulawesi, a visit to each of these places will be rewarded with amazing attractions and stunning sceneries.