Skin tag is a small piece of soft skin hanging from healthy skin that may have stack. Skin tags will usually appear on neck, eyelids, armpits and anywhere on the body. The major cause for skin tags is by the skin rubbing against skin, the growth of skin tags usually occur among skin folds. These skin tags are common among mid age people, women, diabetic and obese people.

Skin tags often go unnoticed, unless they occur at prominent place or consistently rubbed or scratched area. Some people may have skintags and never noticed them whereas in few cases they’ll rub off or fall painlessly. Very large skin tags may cause discomfort and burst out under pressure. Skin tags are usually flesh colored or slight brownish, they develop as a small, flattened pinhead bump. Some tags will remain small and some grow bigger upto 5 centimeter.

As the skintags are painless and harmless, many people find themselves unattractive hence the removal of tags is normally carried out for cosmetic reasons, large skintags are removed due to irritation. When you see what causes skin tags on neck is regular use of jewel like necklace rubbing the skin consistently. The skintags are commonly seen among people who are obese, diabetic, pregnant women and sometimes it may appear by hereditary. If you are overweighed then the chances of tags are usually high because you will probably have many skin folds rubbing each other and as mentioned earlier this is the main reason cause for skin tag development.

If the skin tags are relatively small or just started to grow then, you can remove them all by yourself by some home remedies. Tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, freezing kits, liquid iodine can do wonders. The tags can be removed even by tying dental floss or thin cotton thread around the root of tag to cut down the blood circulation. If skintag is relatively big, removing it at home is not recommended due to the risk of bleeding and infections.

Prevention is better than cure, it is always best to take steps to prevent the growth of skin tags. If you are obese it is really high time to stop consuming sugar and saturated fat foods. Start exercising and eat healthy food, along with this it is important to do cardio exercise to tone your muscles. Skintags sometimes can be sign of prediabetes so cut down excess sugar intake.